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Aleo Manali Hydropower

Aleo Manali Hydropower

aleomanali power project
Aleo Small Hydropower Project

Run-Of-River Scheme on Allain Nala

aleomanali power project
Installed capacity of 3000 KW

With 15% overload capacity

aleomanali power project
Net Head of 290.40 M

1.33 cumec design discharge

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about aleo manali power

About Aleo Manali Power

Aleo Small Hydropower project has been contemplated as run of river scheme near Manali town in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. The scheme envisages utilization of 1.33 cumec discharge of Allain Nala by developing a head of 290.4 M for 3000 Kw Small Hydropower Project (SHP) ALEO near Aleo village close to Manali.

Aleo Manali Power Statistics

Operating Since 2005

12.680 Million KWH annually

3000 Kw Capacity

Details of the Aleo Manali Power

Aleo Small Hydropower Project (SHP) has been contemplated as Run-Of-River Scheme on Allain Nala near Manali town in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh. Allain Nala is a tributary of Beas River and it meets Beas River from its left bank near village Aleo, about 2km downstream of Manali town at an Elevation of ±1800 m. The Scheme is approachable through motorable road right upto the proposed powerhouse location. Scheme is accessible from State Highway (Manali – Nagar Road) on the left bank of the Beas River and is about 2Km from Manali and 40 Km from Kullu.


Details of Aleo Manali Project


Allain Nala originates from an altitude of 6000 meters above MSL and has a catchment area of 144.7 Sq. Km. before its confluence with Beas River. A major Hydro-Electric Project was proposed on Allain Nala (Allain-Dhungan 192 MW), which envisaged utilisation of Allain Nala discharge by constructing a barrage on Allain Nala at an elevation of ±2747 m.

The 192 MW project was commissioned in the year 2009. Therefore full discharge (catchment area 142.65) of Allain-Nala became available for power generation in the Aleo SHP project from the year 2008.

Environment and Ecology

Aleo small Hydel Scheme is a run-of-river Hydel scheme, which involves no storage. There is no submergence of forest and cultivated lands due to the construction of any components of the scheme. Moreover the project does not involve the highly sensitive issues of displacement of people due to the construction of the project.

The infrastructure facilities for the scheme and its construction and maintenance staff did not cause any adverse effect on the environment. The desilting arrangements, water conductor system, and forebay are planned to be founded on geologically sound formations. 

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